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  3. Description=The Booksellers is a movie starring Parker Posey, Fran Lebowitz, and Gay Talese. A behind-the-scenes look at the New York rare book world
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The booksellers documentary review. The booksellers at fountain square.


The booksellers tale. Disclaimer: stole this from MatterMark's blog The state of startups Its time we revisit this. Nearly 4 years ago, Marc Andreessen opined that “software is eating the world. ” Fast-forward and its now one of the most quoted observations in the startup community. At the time, the US was in the midst of a major economic downturn. However, Marc was “optimistic about the future growth of the American economy” because of his observation that many more industries stood to be disrupted by software developed by Silicon Valley startups. The names of the startups have changed, but his observation has remained largely true. Industries are being “disrupted by software, with new world-beating Silicon Valley companies doing the disruption in more cases than not. ” In an effort to see how things have changed (and where they are going) we took a look at some of the traditional industries mentioned in Marcs piece, and todays fastest growing startups that are disrupting them. In the article, Marc talks about traditional industries being disrupted by startups in 2011: Retail, Entertainment, Music, Gaming, Movie Production, Photography, Direct Marketing, Telecom, Recruiting, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, and National Defense. We ran a quick search in Mattermark to identify todays fastest growing startups currently disrupting the Retail, Music, Recruiting, Gaming, Logistics, Financial Services, and Education industries. Heres the criteria that we set to find the disruptors within each specific industry: Stage is not exited (hasnt been acquired or IPOd) Mattermark Growth Score is greater than 500 Country equals United states The 7 Startups We Found: Stitch Fix: Retail, Mattermark Growth Score: 3365 Sonos: Music, Mattermark Growth Score: 1758 Upwork: Recruiting, Mattermark Growth Score: 6764 FanDuel: Gaming, Mattermark Growth Score: 1359 Uber: Logistics, Mattermark Growth Score: 23, 023 BTCJam: Financial Services, Mattermark Growth Score: 1105 General Assembly: Education, Mattermark Growth Score: 4069 To predict the emergence of new industries and track 1 million+ high growth startups, request access to the Mattermark API. Now, lets compare Marc Andreessens thoughts in 2011 to todays landscape. Online retail startups “Today, the worlds largest bookseller, Amazon, is a software company—its core capability is its amazing software engine for selling virtually everything online, no retail stores necessary. ” Today, Stitch Fix is the fastest growing startup disrupting retail. Their focus is fashion rather than fiction. The online retail startup is attacking the process of traveling to stores to try on new clothes in ill-lit, fitting rooms. Through the power of algorithms they make clothing suggestions to stylists who then use their intuition to curate personalized outfit recommendations to customers. Barnes & Noble overlooked the the importance of online book sales in 2001 and weve all seen what happened to their stock price since then. If brick and mortar fashion stores overlook personalization and convenience in the same way, Sitch Fix may be our new Amazon. Music startups “Todays dominant music companies are software companies, too: Apples iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. Traditional record labels increasingly exist only to provide those software companies with content. ” Today, Spotify and Pandora are still chugging along, but they may be turning into content providers for a software-powered hardware music startup: Sonos. The companys WiFi-connected speakers let you play listen to music from streaming services throughout your house, but it looks like Apple may stop playing nice with Sonos sooner than later. For a company that single-handedly destroyed an industry with software in the past, this is a shrewd strategy to keep an innovative startup from nibbling away at its business. Gaming startups “Todays fastest growing entertainment companies are videogame makers—again, software—with the industry growing to 60 billion from 30 billion five years ago. And the fastest growing major videogame company is Zynga (maker of games including FarmVille) which delivers its games entirely online. ” Recently, Zynga has fallen on hard times, having to lay off 18% of its workforce. However, innovation from gaming startups remains strong. FanDuel, the fastest growing gaming startup, has grown its employee count by 224% over the past 2 years. Unlike Zynga, which disrupted offline gaming with online offerings, FanDuel disrupts online fantasy sports with software (and a keen eye for loopholes in the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) that delivers fantasy betting with simplicity and speed. Recruiting startups “LinkedIn is todays fastest growing recruiting company. For the first time ever, on LinkedIn, employees can maintain their own resumes for recruiters to search in real time” In 2011, it was novel to share your resume online with recruiters for the first time. 4 years later, LinkedIn focuses more on defending its moat than innovating. Theyve recently blocked developers who build powerful applications with its APIs. New websites have even been created for the express purpose of helping people stop using LinkedIn. Fortunately, this defensive posture has given rise to recruiting being unbundled by a number of disruptive startups. Upwork, a platform that helps businesses quickly find freelancers, leads the pack. Its todays fastest growing recruiting and career search startup, and a foundational block of the freelance economy – one that largely did not exist in 2011. Businesses spent nearly 1 billion hiring through Upworks online workplace in 2014 Logistics startups “Todays leading real-world retailer, Wal-Mart, uses software to power its logistics and distribution capabilities, which it has used to crush its competition. Likewise for FedEx, which is best thought of as a software network that happens to have trucks, planes and distribution hubs attached. ” At the time “Software is eating the world” was written, a little startup named Uber had only raised 13. 4 million in funding. Today, its the breakout success of our generation and the true leader in innovative logistics. Billions of people with smartphones, “instant access to the full power of the Internet, every moment of every day, ” and “software that is widely delivered at a global scale” make Uber possible. Its the exact type of software-driven innovation that Marc Andreessen predicted. Financial services startups “The financial services industry has been visibly transformed by software over the last 30 years. Practically every financial transaction, from someone buying a cup of coffee to someone trading a trillion dollars of credit default derivatives, is done in software. ” The financial services industry remains at the cutting edge of innovation, but like the previous examples, much of the innovation is coming from San Francisco startups. Even the money itself is powered by software. Cryptocurrencies, digital currencies that are only made possible through software, have given rise to a number of innovative financial services startups that disrupt central banking authorities themselves. Todays fastest growing Fintech startup is BTCJam, a global peer-to-peer lending platform, and the first to offer a global credit score to its users – opening up the doors to financial freedom to all qualified borrowers. Education startups “Education, in my view, is] next up for fundamental software-based transformation. ” The time for major disruption in the education industry has come too. Like is the case with most breakthrough innovations, General Assembly gained a foothold outside of the traditional confiners of the education industry. Currently, the fastest growing disruptor in the space is General Assembly. Having grown from 200 employees in early July 2013 to 1, 500+ today, theyve taken the industry by storm. Their mission is to “create a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, ” and they may just be able to accomplish it with software at the core of how and what they teach. What will the startups of the future look like? As data and software become deeper baked into the daily activities of every worker in every industry, the rate at which innovation occurs across industries will only increase. 4 years ago, Uber was just making a name for itself. Who startup will be the next massive success? What industry will it be in? Will it be part of the Internet of Things? The Drone industry? Maybe Virtual Reality? What about the On-demand or freelance economies? Or maybe, the industry where the next massive innovation occurs doesnt yet exist. Where do you think it will be? I would love to hear your thoughts.

So excited to see Ed Chambers finally get another role that isnt silicon valley

There are 8 million stories in the Naked City.  This has been one of them. The booksellers chicago. The booksellers book awards. The booksellers association. The booksellers greenwich entertainment. The booksellers documentary trailer. I get annoyed when they ask me Do you work here? in my bookshop. It might seem silly that it bugs me, but it does. I always feel like saying No, I'm on community service or something 😆. You know Trump and Bill Clinton are not only on that list but have special stars next to their names. The booksellers at austin landing. The booksellers.

I honestly feel so bad for anyone in retail, they have to put up with so much. The booksellers of timbuktu. Needs more women in it, where's Kirstin Wiig and the fat one that's funny. Am i the only one who thinks that haley bennett looks like jennifer lawrence. The booksellers fountain square. Don't leave her Evert. The booksellers ibadan. The booksellers streaming. The booksellers documentary watch. The booksellers cincinnati. The booksellers nyff. The booksellers movie. The booksellers movie review. And we've seen some version of a plot line like this HOW many times, by now. Ugh... God bless you Hong Kong! Fight for your freedoms.

Wow. What a beautifully crafted, interesting, poignant video. This took so much work and thought to put together. Loved the reveal that you work in books! Great idea, sensitively delivered. You're officially one of my favourite exJW YouTubers 💗. The booksellers ltd.

The booksellers pub. The booksellers movie trailer. The bookseller& 39;s daughter. The bookseller of kabul. The booksellers bistro memphis tn.

He's totally not related to Chief Judd Crawford from Watchmen

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The booksellers documentary where to watch. The booksellers d.w. young. The booksellers documentary. The booksellers film. The booksellers in memphis. The booksellers trailer. The booksellers book. The booksellers bistro memphis. 1:18 THIS TASTE. IS THE TASTE OF A LIAR. The booksellers at laurelwood memphis tn. The booksellers imdb. This is truly fantastic. The booksellers memphis tn. The bookseller. The booksellers miamisburg oh. Anyone else think the woman republican operative is the exact same character from parks and rec season 4.

The booksellers austin landing

Didnt we already get a trailer for this before

Abrubt ending but it worked! Sad and Angry 😡 ☹️💔. Hopefully this movie breaks the Universal curse. The booksellers. Finally, a new video! Thanks, germ! <3. It better come out. Any official who disallows the info is culpable and should get strangled, also. The booksellers wife. The booksellers 2019.


The booksellers of laurelwood. The booksellers diary. The bookseller's daughter. The booksellers retreat kings langley. I, II, III, IV Darkness devoured us as soon as we stepped out into the hall. The sound of shallow breaths and my pounding heart thundered in my head. After a moment, a mechanical buzz hummed through the halls, and the lights—well, half of them, anyway—flickered back on, partially illuminating the industrial halls. Black scoring marred the concrete walls, scorched in the corners where turrets once stood. Five withered husks of bodies lined the floors, stretching out into the shadows beyond. “Hes here, ” said Craig, his eyes focused on the sizzled blast doors ahead of us. “Fucking hell! ” yelled Jenna, more angry than scared. Laughter erupted much closer ahead than I wouldve liked. From the shadows emerged glowing red eyes. My heart froze in my chest and I swallowed a heavy gulp. A tremble rushed down my legs. It wasnt the first time that Id seen eyes like that. Nor was it the first time that Id felt this instinctive terror draining me of all warmth. “That fear coming off of you is so, so delicious, ” said a mans voice. A shadow took form behind those red eyes and grew larger, stepping ever closer. Finally, the light caught him. Broad, muscled shoulders on a tall, twisted, terrible body—a demon of a man stepped forward. With scaly skin that glimmered in the light and glinting fangs, he grinned. “Youll give me what I want, Jenna. Or you know Ill take it. ” “Over my dead fucking body, Edgar, ” Jenna shouted back, training an arrow on the creature. “Oh, Jenna, but I do so love that body, ” he laughed. “It will be a pity to ruin it. And pity is not my choicest flavor. ” Jenna fired off five arrows in quick succession, within mere seconds. One caught Edgar in the hollow below his neck, its silver point burning into his iridescent skin. The rest bounced off of the thicker scales of his torso. He grabbed the arrow that had lodged into his skin and flung it from his body with a click of his tongue, “Thats not a very cordial way to treat an ex. ” # My names not Karen, but thats what I go by around here. For any of you degenerates new to this story, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up: My roommate, Jenna is part of an over 200-year-old organization that well call the League of Demon Exterminators—LODE for short. After my own close-encounter with a soul-sucking entity, Jenna invited me to be her roommate. Thats when I started to discover the shadowy world at the edges of our dimension, protecting us from the ones that lay beyond. The story to follow is one that Ive been stalling on. To be honest, I fucked some things up and its not my proudest tale. But Ive been working on releasing my guilt, and part of that is acknowledging the events as they happened. In short, Im hoping this will be therapeutic. So here we go. Id had a rough year. Id been stalked and hunted by a man who fed off my own goddamn fear. Though I defended myself, I never entirely felt safe anymore. So Jenna, badass that she is, taught me self-defense—and it finally started to give me a sense of control. The day that I finally was able to take Jenna by surprise and knock her on her ass—lucky break though it was—she looked up at me with a grin. “Bloody hell, ” she said in a faux British accent. “I think youre ready to be an apprentice. ” That day, Jenna brought me to LODEs lair: a high-security facility below an unassuming store, K Booksellers. You see, LODE was once the League of Young Scholars: an organization not unlike the ones that trailblazed the modern American library system. But this League had built a very curious collection of books that talked at length about transdimensional portals and the beings who crossed them. While the academic clubs around them made government contracts and turned into public facilities, the League went private so that it could always maintain independence, to operate in secret and head off any threats. So on the outside? In the service floor? It looked like a classier Barnes and Noble. But disengage the (many) floor lockouts in the employee elevator, and a long drop would transport you to a fucking movie set. Tunnels built to withstand disasters—natural or otherwise. Shadowy alcoves securing weapons lockers. Even piping and ducts along the walls and ceiling, like it inspired goddamn Stranger Things. At the time, its concrete and steel halls—secured by turrets, cameras, and locked up tight with blast doors—seemed like the most secure place in all the world. “Whats all of this for? Why would demons ever raid a pit of demon hunters? ” “There are things in this world too valuable to leave unguarded, ” said Jenna. “Join the guild, and youll find out what those are. ” I only smiled. I was just here to humor her. To see what it was about. I wasnt seriously considering dropping my PR day job—which I very much liked—to risk my life hunting demons. We walked until we reached a titanium door with no discernible handles or knobs. Jenna approached and placed her hand on a glass pad beside it, concentrating. Soon, it lit up blue, sounded a chime, and the doors whisked open. We crossed another three doors just the same way, turrets trained on us the whole time. When we finally reached the desired room, I was surprised to find a warm and elegant study, where six others were chatting, reading, and playing chess. Craig and Vikas, I knew. The other four were strangers to me. “Well, well, well, ” said Craig. “Karen? ” Vikas tone betrayed his surprise. “Karens checking out the guild, guys, ” Jenna announced. “I think she has what it takes to become an apprentice. ” Vikas smiled. “I mean, she is pretty much already your sidekick. Why not make it official? ” That sounds like a dig, but you know what? Jenna could call me her sidekick any time of the day. What Robin doesnt think its pretty kickass to be Batmans sidekick? You know, besides for Dick and Jason and Damian? “Sidekick? ” asked a tall, lean, long-necked woman with an indeterminable accent. A woman Id come to know as Helena. “From what I hear, this Karen girl has taken care of herself quite well. Bravo on that soul-sucker, my dear. Nice work. “I hear even Craig got his ass kicked with that one, and hes thrice your size! ” laughed a jovial, bearded man well call Bill. “Make it quadruple and youll come close, ” snarked Craigs chess opponent, Raul. The final person, Mina, didnt even look up. She just kept her nose in her book. “Ignore her, ” said Helena, locking her arm in with mine. “You must be dying to know more-” “Helena, dont go letting your mouth off its leash, ” said Mina. “Shes not official and Franco isnt here to make it so. ” “Well maybe Franco should pop in one of these days, ” said Helena with the same casual complacency of an office worker fed-up with management. “Tell me, darling, ” she turned back to me, “how much, exactly, have you seen? ” “Well-” I hemmed and hawed. “You seem to know about Kyle. So I guess I met a, what, demon? Emotional vampire? ” That brought a smirk to the groups faces. “Oh, dear, ” said Helena. “Noobs are so adorable. Yes, demon and vampire—we might be called that. Nymphs, pixies, fae, too. Around here, youll hear ‘teddies. ” “Teddies? ” Fuzzy little cuddle bears really didnt work with my image of Kyle, or the hellhound Id encountered, either. “TDEs. Transdimensional entities, ” she said. “Thats what we really are. Just people whove come here from other worlds, with other- attributes. ” "And other appetites, most times. laughed Bill. It finally occurred to me that Helena included herself in that group. Her stretched proportions started to make sense. But she didnt look like Kyle. Her skin was smooth and warm, not red and scaly. Still, a chill ran up me. “Other worlds? ” I finally managed. “Oh heavens, yes. There are at least Dimensions X, Y, and Z. Then this one, the one that you call Prime. ” “And, hypothetically, a multitude that we havent even encountered, ” said Vikas. “Maybe even an infinity. ” My head was spinning. “My, ” said Helena. “Jenna darling really hasnt filled you in? OK, sweetie. Think of it like this: reality is sticky, like an ooey, gooey marshmallow. Its what binds us all together. And if were building a celestial smore, dimensions are the graham crackers: parallel, rigid, never meeting. But a hole occasionally rips in the ooey, gooey marshmallow filling, creating a tunnel between worlds. Those tunnels open us up to the beings who live in other dimensions. ” “The teddies, ” I said. Helena nodded with a grin. “Indeed. Teddies arent so common, perhaps, but there are a handful in most cities. You just dont see it, because were usually sealed away in a form from this dimension. ” “Taking on a form from their current dimension helps build stability, ” said Vikas. “Otherwise its too easy to wander into a, uh, burnt bit of the smore and get caught between dimensions. ” OK, marshmallows. Smores. I can get that, I thought. “So Queequegs Pomeranian form-” Helena smiled. “This ones a quick learner. Yes, darling. Thats his seal. And I do say, a fluffy little thing like that is rather more appealing than a three-headed hellhound. ” I couldnt argue there. "So what causes those holes. Excellent question. said Helena. "Surely you've heard of wormholes. Helena, that's enough. said Mina, gruffly. "Dear, wormholes are just basic science. said Helena. "Nothing she didn't learn about in middle school. Or, knowing Jenna, nights on the couch watching Star Trek. Sometimes a wormhole is just a wrinkle in spacetime, linking two disparate points. said Vikas. "But when the fabric of spacetime is already weak. Er- when the marshmallow is too burnt. Sometimes that hole punches through dimensions instead, introducing two graham crackers that should never, ever meet. finished Helena. Mina rolled her eyes, huffing, and turned to Jenna. "Helena can't help herself when she gets started. This is on you for bringing a civvie without adding it to the agenda. Jenna handed me a cup of hot cocoa and took a sip of her own. "Will you relax, Mina? She's as in as any apprentice. But should she be. asked Mina, eyeing me. I felt a bead of sweat form on my temple under that scrutinizing gaze. "I, uh, I can go. Fuck no, Karen. said Jenna. “Dont let her bully you out. ” Helena smiled. “Crass but correct, darling. Stick around. Ill call Franco if I must. ” “N- no, ” I said. I didnt know who this Franco guy was, but if he was so important yet so busy that he didnt come of his own initiative, who was I to disrupt him? “Ill just go. Well schedule some time with Franco later. ” “Are you sure? ” asked Craig “Absolutely I am, ” I grinned. “Guys, I was going to jet soon anyways, ” said Vikas. “Ill walk her out- ya know, since she doesnt have clearance yet. ” “Fine, ” Jenna finally relented. “Well do this another time. Sorry to drag you out here, Karen. Helena will give me a ride home. Vikas, thanks. ” “You got it, ” he said. Within a few minutes, hed gathered his things and we started through the blast doors. Once we got to the elevator, Vikas turned to me and said, “Sorry about Mina. Shes actually the newest of us. Some of us think that shed like to keep it that way. ” I chuckled. “Trust me; Im a youngest sibling. Id have died if another one came along. ” Vikas rolled his eyes. “Good lord, youre one of those. ” On the sidewalk, we said our goodbyes and each turned opposite ways around a corner. But only a few steps out of view, a man stumbled into me breaking his jog. "Rats. the man muttered to himself, totally unaware of me. "I missed Vikas. You know Vikas. I asked. His eyes widened as though it was the first time he'd noticed me. "Oh, man. I am so sorry. Pardon me. Are you hurt? I was trying to catch my friend- I forgot my keys and I have a meeting to get to. Franco. I asked, putting two and two together. "Yes, in fact I am. How did you know that. Well, I'm Jenna's friend—her roommate, and. Jenna's friend? Oh, my dear. Yes, Jenna did mention a new roommate that she might bring by. What happened? Did Mina scare you off. I could feel my cheeks light up red and hot. "Well. My, my, we must fix that. he said. "Come along. Do you have your keys. No. I'm not even official yet. Mina said we should wait for you. Oh, of course. said Franco. "That does make sense. Well, let's go inside. Someone is bound to come bring us down. He walked me over to K's backdoor in the alley and opened it with a quick tug at the lock. As we walked, he took out his phone and started punching in a text. "I'll let Jenna or whomever know to come get us. Here, let's sit at the cafe. I'll make us a drink while we wait. It could be a few minutes. He led me to the cafe and switched on a light. I tried to suppress the anxiety in my chest—the same unease I'd felt around any stranger since Kyle. I was, after all, in the safest place in the world. Jenna was just downstairs, along with her Craig and four other guildees. And this guy seemed to know them all. I mean, everyone was talking about him. I could hear the whine of the espresso machine, and I turned to him—an exercise in embracing the ways of a Karen. "Oh, I don't take coffee. I'll have a tea or cocoa, though. Right away. he chirped, like a barista on his first day. “So tell me, Karen: Whats Jenna up to these days? She still looking fine as ever? ” That did strike me as odd. Theyd said that Franco hadnt been to meetings lately, but the way he was talking about Jenna wasnt the way friends or colleagues did. “Oh yeah, ” I said, breezily. “Same old, you know. ” Under the table, I pulled out my phone and fired off a quick text. Are you coming to get us? This Franco guys a little weird. “Earl Grey? Irish breakfast? Green? ” asked Franco. “Do you have an oolong? ” I asked, stalling for more time, when a message popped up on my phone. Franco? What the fuck are you talking about? Then a beat later, Where are you? Im upstairs in the cafe with a guy who says hes Franco. He seems to know all of you. “Millennials and your phones, huh? ” said Franco, suddenly standing over me. I chuckled, tucking my phone away. “What, arent you a Millennial? ” “More of a Gen X, ” he said with a grin that made my skin crawl, setting a cup of tea in front of me. I took it in my hands. I couldnt let him see that I was afraid. So I took a deep breath, pretending to cool my drink, and dragged out some confidence from the very pit of me. “So how did you meet Jenna, anyways? ” “Why, from the League, Kare-” he paused in his tracks. “Oh, how inhospitable. I forgot the sugar. One sec-” He disappeared into the kitchen, and within seconds, Jenna and Craig came running up, Jennas bow at the ready. Jennas head flipped back and forth, and she signaled to Craig to look behind the counter. “Karen, what are you doing here? Wheres Vikas? ” “He left, just before this Jason Schwartzman-looking guy popped up-” Jennas face paled. “Jason- Fuck. Fuck. ” She clasped her head for a second, then whipped out her phone. “OK, Karen. I need you to text Vikas and tell him to haul ass back here. Ill let the others know. Call in some damn reinforcements while I'm at it-” “This areas clear, but the back door is open, ” said Craig. “Yeah, ” said Jenna. “Edgar knows were onto him. ” Edgar. Jennas ex. The dickhole, as she affectionately calls him. “That was Edgar? ” “It wasnt fucking Franco. Hes more of a Bill Murray son of a bitch, ” said Jenna, typing furiously at her phone. I did the same, but as I was clicking send, a loud rumble broke through the room around us. Before I could even see what Jenna was firing at, shed pulled her bow and loosed dozens of arrows. “Karen, this is above your pay grade, get the fuck out of here. ” Craig hopped over the service counter and stood back-to-back with Jenna. Several of the shadowy assailants had fallen, but at least three others stepped into the light. Their human exteriors began to melt off, as red ridges formed under their skin. “The counters clear, ” said Craig. “Go. ” I looked at them, then back to the six glowing eyes. Terror washed over me. A vicious hissing filled the air, then the low grumble of a predator stalking its prey. So I ran. The service door led me to a dark alleyway. The street lights flickered, pulsing in and out. I bolted for the street where my car was parked. But as I rounded the corner, I heard a familiar voice. “You caught on. Not quickly, but you did, ” said Edgar, smirking. “Stay the fuck back, ” I demanded, lowering myself into a fighting stance. “Cute, ” said Edgar. With a jerk of his head, two more shadowy figures jumped down from the bookstores roof, grabbing me by the shoulders. I shouted, writhing from their grip. I stomped and kicked but they had a firm hold. Edgar stepped forward with some kind of charm dangling from his finger. He grabbed me by the forehead, pressing the charm against my skin, and I felt a white, hot burning rush through my spine. The world around me faded into black before a kaleidoscope of colors washed over us. I suddenly felt weightless, painfree. The boundaries between me and all else melted into the kaleidoscope. But then, with a screech, my being took painful, searing form again. As though watching the strands of reality itself folding back into place, colors twisted into shapes that I could recognize: LODEs study. And Id brought Edgar and his friends along with me. “We have company! ” Bill shouted. Helena bolted forward, holding a bow trained on Edgar. “Karen, darling! Youll be fine! ” Mina lurched forward with a glinting sword. Edgar released my head just in time to spin and knock her back. One of his henchmen hurled me against a wall and I heard a sickening crack before the world faded to black. “Karen, ” Jenna kneeled over me. “Karen, get up. Are you ok? ” The blurry image of my roommate came into focus, but my eyes stung. My whole body hurt. The room around us was destroyed. “Oh my god, ” I cried, the realization crashing on me as nausea swelled in my stomach. “Oh my god, Edgar-” “We know, another guild is on the way to help, ” said Jenna. Behind her stood Craig and Vikas, each facing the door in front of us. My face went pale and cold; I could no longer hold back the nausea plaguing me. Between gagging, I heard Jenna say, “Be careful, Karen. I think you have a concussion. ” No kidding. “Listen, ” she said, “I shouldnt have sent you off on your own. Were all sticking together this time, for better or worse. OK? ” “Yeah, ” I managed to gasp when I regained control of myself, though my head was still spinning. “What- what happened? ” “Your first trip through a wormhole, ” said Vikas, holding up the charm that Edgar had held. “Powerful charms like this can use a vector—a point two places have in common—to link them with a temporary wormhole. ” “I was the vector, ” I realized, “because I was down here. ” “It couldve been any of us, ” said Craig. “No, ” I said, Jenna helping me up. “Only I would be stupid enough to sit there having tea with some guy -” “None of that right now, ” said Jenna. “Were here now. Weve got this. We've called reinforcements. We just need to delay Edgar until they get here. ” “Delay him? ” I asked. “We think we know what hes after. ” Craig took a deep breath. “A crystallized wormhole. ” “One that leads home, ” said Vikas. Maybe it was the concussion, but I felt the whole world shift for a moment. “Home? ” “To Dimension X, ” said Jenna. “Same one that Kyle was from. ” The room danced around me, a black tunnel formed at the edges of my vision, and a crashing sound blared in and out of my mind. “Theyre from the same-” “Thats enough, ” said Jenna, handing out guns and flashlights. “We need to move. Karen, need me to show you how to use this? ” "I've handled a gun before. I said, thinking back on days at the shooting range with my dad and brothers. "Not a gun. she said. "A mana extractor. But good to hear. Same firing mechanics. Only use it if you have to, you know, given your concussion. With that, we stepped out of the warmly lit study and into pitch-black hallway beyond. “The vault room is just ahead, ” whispered Jenna. As you mightve guessed, weve caught back up with my opening. You can understand my mental state: concussed, scared, seeing five motionless bodies on the floor—and it probably being my fault. Then, on top of that, Edgar standing there looking like a demon. Looking like Kyle —and aiming to open a portal to their world, on top of that. I could barely keep it together. But I had to stand strong. Fake it til I fucking make you, it you know? I closed my eyes and held my breath, counting backwards from ten. If Kimmy Schmidt taught me anything, it's that you can endure anything for ten seconds at a time. Then I heard Edgars laugh again. Similar to the one before, but deeper and more sinister in his new form. "I thought you might be happy to see me, Jenna. I thought you might've missed me. Missed us. I thought maybe you'd wanna come see my home, meet the fam. “Fuck off, ” said Jenna. “Weve called reinforcements from other guilds. The big dogs, asshole. This is the end of the road. ” “Reinforcements, ” he chuckled, gesturing to the bodies strewn on the floors. “Pathetic. You think Boston's guild could do better? ” Then he turned and looked at Vikas. "You. Don't you miss home. Home? The meaning broke through the fog in my mind. Vikas is like Edgar? Like Kyle? Kyle's red eyes scorched a hole in my mind. I had to stay focused, but I could barely keep my breathing even. "This is my home. said Vikas. "Don't do that. Edgar laughed. "Don't mistake this backwater for home. You came here willingly. said Jenna. "You chose this place. If your home is so great, why. Edgar took a step forward and Jenna set off another barrage of arrows, one of which caught him in the arm. "Ive been charmed, Jenna. Youre wasting arrows. ” “Stay in place and answer the fucking question, ” she demanded. He smiled. “Call me an emissary, babe. An emissary who has deemed this planet unfit for diplomacy. A planet fit only for fodder. Edgar's body spiraled out as he loomed over the room, his eyes glowing red. Red like Kyle's, as he pinned me- A blast rang out from Craig and Vikas, then two, then three. Each followed by a blinding light. But when the light faded, Edgar was gone. Or so it seemed. That's when I felt the cold reach around me. I screamed as a great and terrible umbra grabbed at my waist, pulling me to the ground. Edgars face smirked above me. I managed one clear shot to the chest. He shuddered, then slammed me down, knocking my blaster away with a hoofed foot. Jenna, Vikas, and Craig surrounded us, but Edgar had me in his grasp, holding me up as a shield, making a clear shot at him impossible. "Jenna, we did have fun. he said. "But playtime's over. It's time to make room for my brothers and sisters. Let her go, Edgar. said Jenna. "But her fear is just so delicious. he said. And I could feel it. The drain of my energy. I could see an aura wafting off of me. I was only making him stronger. I have to get it together. "She doesn't need to die. said Edgar. "You just need to let me into the vault. I don't have the key. said Jenna. "None of us do. said Vikas, his form starting to expand as Kyle's had, stretching out crooked and unnatural. His shoulders burst upward, his torso elongated, his legs bent into a caprine shape. A cackle broke from Edgar, intensifying the stream of energy fleeing my body. He flung me to the ground with such force that I thought he broke my face. Then he squeezed. Craig winced but Jenna stayed unphased. "LODE doesn't operate on keys, but on sacrifice. Your life. Your energy. It matters not. Ive got what I need from your comrades. Life force from the whole chapter should do. He reached down into my back, and I felt a pain sharper than any before. A bolt reaching into my spine itself, draining me from the inside. I shrieked from the searing pain. I cried. I heard my mom singing me a lullaby. I was sure I would die, dried up into a husk like the others. Forgotten in the bowels of the earth. But I heard a shout. One of the withered forms lurched upward, her long, slender arm stretching out to grab Edgar by the throat. Helena. Edgar dropped me to the ground, and I looked up just in time to see a long, horrible shadow shoot out and stab into Edgar. Vikas had shed his outer form, revealing a form of smoke, of aether—a jagged, ethereal grim reaper with a black aura rippling off of him. I clawed desperately away from Edgar, as the floor beneath me quavered like jello in an earthquake. Vikas tried to reel Edgar in, but Edgar clawed at Helenas arm, hurling her withered body at his opponent. Though Craig and Jenna shot at Edgar, the charm shielding him absorbed the blasts. Setting Helena aside, Vikas lunged furiously—but Edgar grabbed him by the head and bit into his neck. My arms burning, my head aching, my vision tunnelling, I finally reached Helena, who took my hand. Her beautiful, smooth skin was now withered and dry, but her eyes were the same ones as before, kind and warm. “Well get through this, darling. ” When I looked up again, Vikas had gotten out of Edgars grip, sending smoky coils to bind Edgars ankles and wrists. The demon ripped away, darting backward. Finally, Vikas pummeled him, sending them both to the ground. "Now. shouted Vikas, hunching over his opponent, his arm to Edgars throat. "Out of the way. yelled Craig. "Do it now. Vikas demanded. Jenna chanted, grabbing a bag of emerald green dust from her belt, tossing it at Edgar. A green flame kicked up, enveloping the two. When it died down, they were sealed back into their human forms. But Edgar was far from done. He slammed the palm of his hand into Vikas nose, jabbed him in the face, and grabbed him by the throat. Vikas did his all to keep him pinned to the ground. Jenna trained her blaster on Edgar, but I saw another form emerge behind her. A smiling woman, tall and lean and inscrutable. And I realized: she'd been there in the alleyway with Edgar. She was one of the two henchmen who'd crossed in with us. "Behind you. I shouted. Jenna snapped her head around. "Sabine? What the fuck are you doing here. Sabine; I'd heard that name. At the apothecary shop, the girl seemed downright afraid of her. Facing Jenna, the woman grinned. With glowing purple eyes, she shot her hands out and a wave of psionic energy overwhelmed Jenna and Craig, knocking them to the ground. "I tried things LODE's way. For a long time, I tried it. But now it's time for a more profitable venture. Sabine twisted her fingers as though grasping an invisible cloth, and pulled. An aura of energy ripped off of the guildees, as I huddled in front of Helena, trying to shield her. Sabine's eyes glowed all the more. From the distance, we heard shouts. Clear! Clear! Sabine and Edgar exchanged a look and nodded. Edgar snapped Vikas' body against the ground, leaving him in a heap. Together, the two walked into the vault room, a glowing orb of pure energy in Sabine's hand. A dazzling light broke through the dark. I had to look away. And when I dared open my eyes again, they were gone without a trace. I crawled to Jenna, my whole body aching. We were all alive, but broken. "Sort of a new meaning to 'eating your emotions. huh. Jenna tried to laugh, a deep rattle in her chest. "What now. I asked, my voice trembling. "First the hospital. Then Comic Con. said Jenna. "The fuck. I whispered, sure that she was having an aneurysm. But she was not. Javits Center, I found out, is right below a weak spot in spacetime. And the energy from all the fans that weekend would be more than enough fuel to activate the wormhole. But we couldnt let that happen. Not with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny set to appear. That tale, though, is for another day.

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