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Scores - 4615 votes / Drama / Synopsis - Lo sceicco bianco is a movie starring Alberto Sordi, Giulietta Masina, and Brunella Bovo. During a day in their honeymoon, a couple is separated by the city's lust and the desires it produces / Release year - 1952 / casts - Giulietta Masina / country - Italy. Meravigliosa. You are an exceptional person. You actually see with your eyes, hear with your ears and feel with your heart. May you be blessed. Che tristezza, parlava di una momentanea indisposizione e invece. Addio Albertone, che la terra ti sia lieve. God father waltz. Free Movie De witte sheikh. La vita di milioni di ragazzi e ragazze al giorno d oggi! grande Fellini. Bravo NINO.

Free Movie De witte seiki. MITICO FILM LEGGENDA TOTÒ MA DEVO DIRE CHE FATMA E GELOSA PER MANDARE VIA QUELLE 22 MOGLI XDXD. This was the first film Fellini directed on his own and it was among his best but most under-appreciated films. While it does not have the usual "Fellini look" with odd looking supporting characters, unusual stories or unique style) the film is a definite winner- featuring a very cute story and some winning performances. Plus, like most of Fellini's films, the plot is pretty weird- and that I truly appreciate.
A young man and woman are married and come to Rome for their honeymoon. The very organized husband seems to have planned every last detail of the trip- scheduling almost every second of every day and allowing them no time alone or to even consummate their marriage. Instead of trying to get this seemingly inflexible man to bend, the young bride hopes to just slip away from the hotel VERY briefly to go meet her idol, the "White Sheik. Unbeknownst to the hubby, she is an avid reader of an adventure magazine that feature this fictional character- complete with photos and stories about his larger than life adventures and romance. And, she'd been writing him for some time and her only real desire in Rome was to spend just a brief moment with him. However, when she arrives at the office that publishes the magazine, the actor portraying him in the stories isn't there. But, the folks see she's a real fan and want to help her, so they tell her to get in the truck and go with the camera crew to the shoot. She only has a moment, but agrees- after all, he is her idol.
Well, one thing after another goes wrong and her brief excursion lasts more than a day! In the meantime, the new husband is panic-stricken but doesn't want to tell his uncle or his family- he's too embarrassed to tell them he's misplaced his wife! And, for the next day or so, he makes one excuse after another to explain why she isn't there to go on their fully packed itinerary! The story is very cute and charming. plus it provides a few laughs. In many ways, it reminds me of the later film THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO (where Mia Farrow is a devoted fan of a movie serial star and sees the same film again and again) but it is both more charming and ultimately has a better and more upbeat ending.
PS- I know this may make me sound like I am not "with it" but I really do prefer most of Fellini's earlier films and hate the "über strange" films from later in his career (such as SATYRICON. This is a wonderful film that is sure to please everyone- even those who don't think they like the films of Fellini.

Quanto ci manchi Albertone nostro... Aaaahhhh! Alla faccia del bicarbonato di sodio. GRANDE GRANDE GRANDE. Free movie de witte sjeikon. Free Movie De witte seiko. Beautiful. I love this music. The name Fellini brings to mind some of the great films of the 20th century; La Dolce Vita, La Strada, and 8 1/2 come to mind. However, every legend has a beginning, and Fellini's was here. Here, we see the neo-realist influence that affected most of his early work, and it works perfectly to capture the hustle and bustle of the city of Rome as well as tell the story of a newlywed couple on a perfect honeymoon with a not-so perfect relationship.
Fellini does remarkable work in cutting back and forth between the travels of the bride as she seeks out her favorite soap opera star, The White Sheik, and that of the groom desperately trying to impress his family. It gives a sense that even if dreams seem more fun and desirable than the real world we live in, it is not always perhaps the most beneficial path. This is a theory that seemed to change with time as Fellini's films became more dream-like, but here it is apparent that realism reigns, at least for this awe-struck couple.

Che bel film. Free Movie De witte sheik. I lived just behind the Brazilian embassy on the Piazza Navona. Every evening, I would put on my diskman earphones, listen to Rota's music for these films on my Discman, looking at Fellini's adopted city. I used to pass by the Piazza delle Coppelle to look up at Rota's former apartment. Then I would walk to the Spanish Steps, then the Via Babuino on to the Via Marghuta. There I would pass by an apartment building with a bronze plaque by the door: Giulietta Massina i Federico Fellini, i due Marghutani. Meraviglioso Nino. Alberto Sordi. semplicemente un grande.

Complimentoni per la pregiata qualità dell'audio. Free Movie De witte seika. VIVA LA ITALIA. Is this the theme song for the White Sheik? I just read a review in the LA Times-I know this music, and can hum along, but I've never seen this movie. Did you see how she seems to look directly into the camera at the very end? its like Giulietta is signaling to the worried audience that, through all her turmoils, she will in fact be all right. it is such a beautiful ending. She may have had a troubled past, but she will continue living for those brief fleeting experiences where happiness is present. She'll move on! That is the beauty of Fellini and Masina.

City tour ajja. Free Movie De witte syeikh. I could listen to this all day. 52:15 Antoni,Antonio fermati nonne posso più. tirati su ancora 400/500 km e siamo arrivati 😂😂😂😂. One of the greatest movies of all times I watched it so many times Amazing. LP or CD. @AsaNisiMasa7 Io metterei anche il finale di C'era una volta il west.

La dolce vita theme one never forgets.

Lo sceicco bianco
Lo sceicco bianco



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