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Don M. Thompson; Blood on Her Name is a movie starring Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, and Elisabeth Röhm. A woman's panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spins out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man's body; runtime - 85 minute; genres - Drama; average Ratings - 8,1 / 10; release date - 2019. Blood on Her namen. 0 Posted by 3 months ago US politics (domestic) 16 comments 43% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by level 1 6 points 3 months ago Vigorous is a russian troll. so sounds like Hillary is right. level 2 1 point 3 months ago You're a russian troll. level 1 1 point 3 months ago Stupid And Poorly Written Headlines Often Accompany Stupid And Poorly Written Articles level 2 vigorous -6 points 3 months ago ( More than 1 child) Continue this thread   level 1 1 point 3 months ago poor hillary level 1 -1 points 3 months ago r/titlegore.

By Nick Allen July 20, 2019, Boldness is a facet that comes within the DNA of a lot of movies programmed at Fantasia, especially as rising filmmakers use their independence to tell a genre story in a different way. Thats especially the case with two thrillers making their the world premieres at the Montreal festival, both being projects that are defined by the risks its storytellers are willing to make.   The first stroke of brilliance within Matthew Popes exceptionally confident debut “ Blood on Her Name ” is how it kicks off its neo-noir as a “why-dunit, ” after making it unmistakable about the who (a woman named Leigh) where (a car repair shop) and what (a skull-cracking murder. From this opening sequence, which starts with a pool of blood and a corpse on the ground, the script by Pope and Don M. Thompson thinks forward—a lot of other storytellers would use this as means to go to a flashback, but this movie excitingly tackles its crime in the present, building its tension out of what happens next and carefully, naturally painting a full backstory in the process. The story's only flashbacks are for Leigh as she reflects upon being at a similar moral crossroads during her childhood, a traumatic event that motivates all of her current decisions. Advertisement This is where Bethany Anne Linds visceral performance as Leigh takes over, playing someone who has committed the unthinkable and is yet trying to hold all of it together in front of her son (Jared Ivers) her dirty cop father ( Will Patton) and Rey (Jimmy Gonzales) the repair shop owner. Lind gives an incredibly vivid sense of the turmoil within Leigh, especially as shes at a loss about what to do with the body, and how to clear up any of her tracks. In a sharp storytelling manner in which no scene or piece of dialogue feels spared, “Blood on Her Name” takes us step by step through her emotional journey. All the while, Lind keeps us on edge, and we deeply feel her struggle of trying to be a good person in a whole mess of bad.   Its not just Leigh—all of the characters here are pushed to a tangible edge, and at the same time you believe that they have the capacity to point a gun at someone and perhaps take a life, especially as part of the resounding theme of parents protecting their children by any means necessary. Within this scripts lean and mean course of events, the consequences are generational, and the morality is gorgeously complicated.   This is the kind of original storytelling that takes after the greats—I love the previous comparisons that my colleague Katie Rife made with the likes of “ Blue Ruin ” and “ Cold in July, ” and would add the likes of “ Blood Simple ” and “ One False Move, ” those two titles in particular helping pronounce the ingenuity of their respective writers and directors in an unforgettable way. I can only imagine the same will happen for the people behind “Blood on Her Name”—theyve quickly defined themselves as storytellers who get down and dirty with inspired original ideas, and can orchestrate spectacular genre entertainment in the process.   Writer/director David Marmors “ 1BR ” starts off without much promise, but gets much better once its inspired narrative decision takes full control. Before then, though, its dangerously bland visually and story-wise almost to the point of parody, following a young woman named Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) who moves into an apartment complex in Los Angeles. Shes too obviously a horror screenwriters idea of fresh meat—a self-proclaimed daddys girl, with an interest in study fashion thats distracted from with a thankless job in a cubicle. Her world is composed of other queasy creations, like a friend at work whose sole purpose is to either ask her questions or be sassy, or one new apartment neighbor who always leers at her with a sheepish look with an eyepatch. As Sarah starts to hear strange sounds at night in her new one bedroom apartment, theres not a lot of hope that whats behind the walls could be all that enticing. But “1BR” is worth sticking around for when it gets to its main horror, a Scientology-like cult that consumes the residents and makes them part of a mini-utopia thats truly unsettling. With confident direction, Marmor takes viewers through the step-by-step process of how Sarah is broken and then ingratiated into this cult that preaches about selflessness and community, while never making it clear where the next scene is going to take us.   The movie also shows a tactfully nasty side, even just by teasing grotesque violence thats a part of initiation, but also its sincerity to the focal cult, whose intent is more complicated than cultivating evil. Instead of “1BR” playing out in a way that feels average, it takes the bolder route of immersing us in the horror of losing free-will, while Blooms nimble, frightened and then submissive performance does not lose sight of the woman she once was before she started to accept the ways of the group. All of this boldness pays off—the films third act might end at an expected place, but “1BR” stands out with how it gets there, and the unique horror along the way. 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Blood on Her name search. Blood on her name (2019. Blood on Her name change. Blood on her name rotten tomatoes. Blood on Her name. Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2019 by Matthew Pope s Blood On Her Name ranks among Americana thrillers such as Blue Ruin, I Dont Belong In This World Anymore, Small Crimes, and other tobacco-stained justice flicks. A modest look into how one decision can change your life forever; sins paid in flesh and blood. Characters all blend into a complicated existence between sympathy and wrongdoing, as Pope holds complication over easily definable boundaries between “good” and “evil. ” In a time when online mob justice demands black-and-white rulings on human affairs, Blood On Her Name reminds us of the sprawling grey area that defines our experience. Tension strung tight enough to slice through a crowd like the opening scene in Ghost Ship. Bethany Anne Lind stars as hard-luck Leigh Tiller, left by her lawbreaking husband to run their family mechanic shop alone. Son Ryan ( Jared Ivers) lends help, a “juvenile delinquent” on parole after beating a bully blind. Already low on customers, Leighs life is shattered to pieces after a junkie threatens harm post-closing. In the act of self-defense, Leigh bashes the attacker with a wrench and kills him. She panics, stashes the body, and doesnt notify badged authorities – headed by her gruff lawman father, Richard Tiller ( Will Patton. Leighs troubles start with a corpse, but complications arise in the form of nosy locals. Angry, vengeful types. Blood On Her Name is never as gruesome as Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulniers crosshairs comparison point. Violence punctuates drama instead of sets a bloodsoaked tone. Some might consider Popes backwoods caper a “mumblecore mystery” built on character designs over ass-kicking, meant with favorable connotation. We care for Leighs predicament, but then questions arise when Leighs situational allowances usher in blurry logic. A woman made to fend for herself, sacrificing for family, turned a “villain” in the flimsiest of circumstances. Popes rumination on survival taps into helpless realities not asked for but enacted, bringing karmic weight in megatons. I *love* how answers dont appear, left for viewers to ponder. Judgment defines Blood On Her Name, as perceptions project how actors handle their character arcs. Ryans record forever blemished by juvenile incarceration, as his parole officer refuses to see past a “troubled kid” stereotype no matter the reasoning (standing ones ground. Leighs journey is a seesaw of good intentions and miserable decisions, left with no options – and the man she killed? His spouseless, fatherless family? Pattons countryman gunslinger embodies a necessary catalyst in terms of corruption with callous disregard, but its Lind who impresses most. Characterized by a constant grimace, fighting tooth-and-nail, not a stranger to desperation. Both the victim and aggressor with such dispirited rage, stone-faced despite a fire engulfing her insides. The way Pope bloodies salt-of-the-Earth landscapes works minimalism into an efficiency. Trailer parks and empty automotive shops backdrop class warfare between equals. Folks trapped by rural boundaries, backs against the wall and paying a heavy price. Blood On Her Name is as much about a dead body as it is a busted American Dream. Pope remembers those forgotten under violent circumstances and does more than thrill through murderous designs that unravel into a tangled mess of vigilante intrigue. Experience is that of tragedy: familial, impoverished, self-anointed tragedy. Its a feeling that reverberates through Leighs cold stares and raw panic, and a sharp translation of the fears many struggling citizens encounter daily. Blood On Her Name is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. If every chamber represents a choice to be made by Leigh, theres a bullet waiting. As ruthless intensity goes, I think you get the gist. Matthew Pope country-fries gutter luck, sizzles up a healthy portion of stand-off tension, and serves one nasty slice of homestyle revenge. Maybe too bleak for some, but sorry. Life isnt all rainbows and Skittles. Kudos to the filmmakers who dont shy away from the lows were forced to stomach and those failed in the process. Damnation by location, never given a choice. /Film Rating: 7. 5 out of 10 Cool Posts From Around the Web.

Bethany Anne Lind absolutely kills it (literally, her character committing murder) in Matthew Popes latest thriller Blood on Her Name. The film may not be as complex as its filmmaker clearly intended it to be. It functions perfectly fine as an atmospheric bit of pulp fiction with the lead imbuing it with a much-needed emotional resonance. In other words, it doesnt quite draw blood, but youll surely remember her name. “Within seconds, we see Leigh in her garage, having just bludgeoned a man to death. ” And her name is Leigh Tiller, mother of delinquent Ryan (Jared Ivers) daughter of emotionally abusive Sheriff Richard (Will Patton) ex-wife of a hoodlum. Within seconds, we see Leigh in her garage, having just bludgeoned a man to death. Shes about to dial 911 but slides the garage door shut instead. She then methodically – albeit in a state of muted panic – cleans up the mess. Before she disposes of the wrapped-up body in a nearby lake, a cell-phone rings in its pocket – a message from the victims son. This sends Leigh on a guilt-ridden downward spiral, wherein she returns the body to its family. A lost necklace acts as a catalyst to Leighs already rapidly-escalading anxiety. Both her son and dad get involved, along with sort-of boyfriend Rey (Jimmy Gonzalez) and the victims wife Dani (Elisabeth Rohm) and son Travis (Jack Andrews. The slightly-overblown finale dutifully serves poetic justice.

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Blood on Her name name. Blood on her name imdb. 56 Posted by 1 year ago Archived 11 comments 80% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by level 1 14 points 1 year ago Shelly is a hoe level 2 Original Poster 11 points 1 year ago She is friends with Becky who is also a hoe Continue this thread   level 2 1 point 1 year ago Fo sho level 1 3 points 1 year ago Naming yer hoes. I can Dig It! 👍🤣🤣🤣 level 2 3 points 1 year ago Surface level pun, I prefer them deeper. /s <3 level 1 2 points 1 year ago Luckily next version will simplify items and levels, so this would be pink 5 /s level 1 1 point 1 year ago I bet it fell off one of the fat old lady zombies. That always drop hoes or shovels for me... level 2 Original Poster 2 points 1 year ago It came off a screamer, it was good for me too.

Blood on her name trailer 2020. Blood on Her namen mit. 1 1 Posted by 3 months ago comment 56% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the movies community Continue browsing in r/movies r/movies News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures 22. 3m Members 41. 5k Online Created Jan 25, 2008 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved. Blood on Her name index. Blood on Her named. Blood on Her name generator. Frankly my problem was making her a Palpatine. TLJ did something I really liked, which was making her the child of no one important. Ancestry wasn't what made her. She just happened to be special, like Anakin was, and she had the power to choose her own fate. I really, REALLY liked that about Rey's story. But then whoop di doo they decided to make her the Mad King's granddaughter. Because there had to be an explanation for her powers. It's not like she could just have high force sensitivity like random people do. The force could not just PICK her randomly huh? That spoiled shit for me, because then it became the cliched story of trying to escape a family reputation or changing what your ancestors left for you as a legacy. I wanted her to make her OWN legacy. Separate from Skywalkers and Palpatines. Frankly I thought it would be nice if Rey either stayed nameless OR made up her own last name. Who TF cares, why not start your own legacy. But I did like that if she was going to take on any last Name it would be from the family that mentored her. Skywalker. I liked even more that she made her own lightsaber of a different color (IDC that it's not blue or green, Mace Windu had a purple one and it was the only one of its kind) because to me that signified going on her own path, not trying to do exactly what either Great Force Family did, but to make her own path. So I didn't have a problem with her taking that name. I have a problem with her being made to be a Palpatine.

Theres an entire sub-genre of slow-burn thrillers centered on everyday people forced by circumstance into a life and death world previously unknown to them. More specifically, the films are about a “good” person” who makes a choice — out of anger, greed, foolishness — that sets in motion a bloody chain of events requiring actions and reactions well beyond their wheelhouse. Two of the best in recent years are Blue Ruin (2013) and Bad Day for the Cut (2017) but in addition to being tales fueled by vengeance theyre also ones about men. Director/co-writer Matthew Pope ‘s feature debut, Blood On Her Name, goes counter to both as it focuses instead on a woman simply struggling to do right by her family, but as a tension-filled and devastating look at the inevitability of consequence it absolutely belongs in the same conversation. Leigh ( Bethany Anne Lind) stands over a dead body in the garage she owns. Blood pools from the dead mans head, and while she comes close to calling the police, her fingers hesitate over the phone. Her teenage son Ryan ( Jared Ivers) sits afraid and shaken in another room, and with worries about him, painful memories about her own father ( Will Patton) and the fate of her already struggling business swirling in her head, she decides instead to dispose of the body. Its a decision born from desperation, and its one complicated by her own morality — the dead man has a family of his own, and not wanting to leave them trapped in a purgatory of not knowing what happened to him, she instead returns the body to their shed for them to find. No good deed, as they say. Blood On Her Name wisely drops viewers right at the moment of emotional conflict — the dead man, and the choice that will haunt what follows. Leighs problems began far earlier, though, and the film slowly teases those origins out across its running time revealing her to be a character more informed by her past than defined by it. Some of her issues come as a package deal with being a woman and a daughter, but while they try to pull her backward its her ferocity and determination as a mother that keeps her fighting forward. Popes script (co-written by Don M. Thompson) accomplishes this dynamic best through conversations between friends, family, and strangers, but it stumbles slightly with a handful of flashbacks that struggle to fit the films otherwise starkly pragmatic tone. Were grounded in Leighs reality, a world smeared equally in blood, tears, and grease, and lucid dreams/memories that see her alongside her younger self feel too far removed. Theyre a minor distraction, though, as theyre both infrequent and overshadowed by the rich character interactions revealing far more effectively the weight of family and history. Leighs relationship with her father is especially telling as the source of much of her trouble, but the film wisely refuses to lay it all at his feet. It isnt pointing fingers, and while Leigh is tempted to shes instead compelled to accept her own role in this current predicament. As with 2008s Frozen River, this isnt a film about a female victim as its instead the story of a complex woman weighed down by choice and consequence. Decisions made by the men in her life have undoubtedly helped shape her, but its her own that carry the ultimate weight. Both the script and Popes direction avoid flashiness preferring instead to let tensions and anticipation simmer on their way to outbursts both verbal and violent. Dialogue is economical at times, and while the necessary details come through, the bulk of their power comes packed in exchanges between Leigh and her father. Lind and Patton both give achingly controlled performances here as a daughter and father marked as deeply by their shared trauma as by their individual sins, and while dialogue provides the details its their faces that tell the story. Pattons no stranger to intense characters, and its once again a factor here as his attempt towards mending past transgressions only serves to ratchet things up further. Similarly, Lind plays Leigh as a woman brought her through forces beyond her control — but trapped here through actions of her own. The title is as applicable to her family name as it is to given one, and as she cycles through anger, resentment, guilt, and love, Linds portrayal reveals a woman hellbent on salvaging the scraps of her life and a future that she may not even be a part of. Guilt, PTSD, and a desperate desire to avoid a cycle of violence make for a powerful combination, and Lind makes her a woman worth caring about instead of one worth pitying. One quick note… Leighs choices throughout the film are the kind prone to critical scoffing — “thats dumb, Id never do that” — but as with the other films mentioned above theyre the kinds of choices made by real, average people in desperate situations well beyond their wheelhouse. Its easy to point out “dumb” decisions on the screen from the comfort of our couch, but the only thing that matters is whether we believe these characters would make these choices under these conditions. Leighs situation is clear, her options are ugly, and shes fueled by a single-minded goal. We believe her, and what follows is all the more tragic because of it. Blood On Her Name is a beautifully told tale of family, crime, and the price we sometimes pay for both. Elements here are shared with other, similar films featuring unprepared people in unfamiliar situations, but it stands as part of a very select grouping of movies that focus on a womans perspective. Its ultimately a sad film, one infused with suspense and humanity, but that female perspective carries through to the very last line as an unexpected and haunting expression of guilt and concern.


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