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Do you remember anything? Do you remember the 21st night of september. Bloodshot trailer music. When I saw the Charlie's angels trailer I thought it was a totally spies movie. Bloodshot eyes in children.

This is terminator, wolverine and phoenix all mixed into one

This can easily be in world of fast and furious based on Hobbs and shaw movie! Aka black superman. Bloodshot csfd. Change the voice artist of vin diesel. Bloodshot dawn. Bloodshot eyes cartoon. There was alittle new footage at the end of the trailer just a lil glimpse when Bloodshot was fighting that villian but I am ok with this. Top gun 2 🛩 👏🏻👏🏻 Terminater : James Cameron 👏🏻Omg! Finally 😎. Bloodshot eyes symptoms. I love the idea and I also love the fact that its just a bunch of scenes thrown together from other movies to combine and seem like a movie of its own 😂. Bloodshot eyeball. You negative Nancy's can cancel your Netflix accounts or stay home from the theatre's, but I'm gonna have fun with this one. 😎😎🍿 🍿.

Bloodshot film. Bloodshot movie.


Bloodshot comic. Bloodshot mike perry. Bloodshot eyes cause. Bloodshot review. Is that a glock in your pocket? Ryan Reynolds: no What? Ryan Reynolds: its two glocks Sigh of relief Ryan Reynolds: ohh 🤣🤣🤣 I so died.

Shame on that painful version of the queen of africa. Bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot marvel. Bloodshot eyes and headache. Everybody here calling this GTA Online the movie. When I'm starting to get Saints Row the Third vibes more and more. That acceleration 0:54 damn, i wish i was a fighter pilot but too bad. My country's fighter pilots only shoot bow and arrows. Bloodshot comics. Bloodshot 2020. DC Next Proudly Presents: Issue Two: Second Wind Written by AdamantAce & JPM11S Edited by ChillFlameSix & VengeanceKnight Next Issue > Coming Soon “Incursion” - Recommended Reading: Mister Miracle #7 Gotham Knights #9 Wonder Women #8 The Flash #9 Infinity Inc. #9 Booster Gold #7 Martian Manhunter #1 Incursion #1 Cassandra Sandsmark hung her head in shame after she lowered the lifeless body of yet another prisoner from their restraints. Another innocent person lost to the so-called ‘Apokoliptan’ scourge. Another life lost. As they moved chamber to chamber, they freed the all prisoners they could find that had not already been transformed into the horrifying abominations. Unfortunately, they found many who did not survive the metamorphosis. The former Wonder Girl examined the man’s face. His skin was withered, jaundiced by the partial transformation. His muscles were atrophied and misshapen, the bones beneath them forced into excruciating positions. But it was the man’s eyes that bothered Cassandra the most: Bloodshot and bulging forward, the fear of his impending death was preserved in them, a testament to Cassandra’s failure. The weight of that failure hung on Cassandra’s shoulders as she dragged herself from the enclosed, shadowy chamber and back into the cavernous hall. There, she rejoined Barry Allen - the new Flash - and Scott Free - otherwise known as the impossible Mister Miracle, who both similarly moved door to door, searching for survivors. Behind them, they pulled along a two dozen civilians, witless and terrified, each caked in dirt and their own sweat. Barry kept watch, scanning each and every turn for Parademons and Apokoliptan hounds. So far, they had been fortunate enough to avoid any more trouble. “No luck, ” Cassandra seethed, moving along to the next door. Scott’s face soured more and more as each new casualty was confirmed. He couldn’t help but feel personally responsible for all the hurt wrought by the Apokoliptan incursion, for reasons he was yet to share. He only knew they had to keep moving, that they didn’t have long, that Steppenwolf - the tyrant leading the incursion - was likely predisposed defending the remaining terraformers, and that as soon as he was done he’d come crashing down on any rescue attempt the heroes were still forging. Advancing along the next corner, the speedster Barry pulled Scott to one side. “I count sixteen. How are Dick and Superman doing? ” “Better than us, ” Scott replied, hopeful. “I gave Superman a Motherbox to keep in contact with me, and he’s confirmed at least thirty rescuees. But they’ve almost swept their floor, so we should be reconvening soon enough. ” Barry’s ear twigged beneath his tight-fitting red cowl. “Motherbox? ” Scott realised his mistakes. “It’s an advanced sentient computer unit capable of all sorts of tasks. Communications, interfacing, Boom Tubing. That’s how I entered the Fathership in the first place. ” “Boom Tubing? ” Barry persisted. A wry grin came over Scott’s face, “I’ll explain later. ” Then, Cassandra rushed out from the next chamber at the sound of an ear piercing roar. As the three heroes ushered the rescued civilians behind them, they assembled to stare down a familiar, yet seemingly more ferocious threat. A monstrous knight stood before them, looming eight feet tall, his bronze fur matted and rough and his plated armour a shimmering bright platinum. From behind his featureless helmet bored the intense red lights of his piercing eyes. And his claws. It was impossible to tell for sure in the darkness, but it truly seemed as if dregs of fresh blood clung to the glimmering blades at the ends of the beast’s large, contorted hands. At his feet, three of the same familiar, grotesque hounds snarled and circled, ready for their command. “Didn’t we already send you packing, Padfoot? ” Barry spat, feigning as much confidence as he could muster. In a moment, the beastly warrior lumbered forward, his heavy armour clattering and shifting as he moved. He let out a mocking laugh, more of a low, sustained growl. “Canis Minor, my son, was a coward to flee from you, ” he spat. “He was executed for that weakness. But I, Canis Major of Apokolips, harbor no such weakness. ” ⌁ ⌁ 💥 ⌁ ⌁ Across the expanse of the twisting, maze-like Fathership, Dick Grayson kept his eyes trained behind him. They were in a hostile environment, the spaceship of an alien race fabled as gods - and as destroyers of worlds - and for that, he knew he had to maintain the utmost vigilance as they traversed the halls leading five dozen terrified prisoners to freedom. But, to his admiration, Dick’s ally showed no such fear. In his Titans days, Dick was known as the dependable, level-headed leader, but as Superman strode through the Apokoliptan halls, completely undeterred even by the all-consuming black surroundings sapping the upper potential of his power, he was nothing but hopeful. Unlike Dick, Clark - as he had the pleasure of knowing him - looked forward, beckoning the fearful escapees to safety, his head held high, and his blue, gold and red attire still bright and bold in the darkness. “Let’s go! ” Dick gestured from behind, pushing the escapees along towards the nearing junction in the corridors. “Don’t slow down! ” Clark called out, gripping Mister Miracle’s Motherbox tightly in his hand, “Once we meet up with the others, we can all get out of here and get back to our families. Not much further to go now! ” “I wouldn’t be so sure, ” an unknown, bassy voice rang out, one so distorted it was as if he were gargling glass. Dick, Clark and each of the sixty-odd escapees looked every which way, searching their surroundings for the source of the all-encompassing voice, but found nothing. Then, out from the turn they had already taken slowly lumbered a massive figure draped in shadow. His jet black and crimson armor was ornate, his horned helmet broad and sharp. But unlike the wolf-like knight that had confronted them before, this man bore his face proudly. Despite his gargantuan form, he had the face of a man. His skin was tan, rugged and leathery, sporting what must have been a fresh, though scorched, cut across his cheek. Along with his bladed helmet, a neatly trimmed goatee graced his face, forming his gaunt and devilish visage. He moved with zero urgency, instead slowly dragging his oversized battle axe along the surface of the cracked, ebony floor. As the warrior approached, the old Dick - Robin - would have made some quippy remark about the clichéd nature of the unseen bad guy making a snippy comment before revealing himself, but the present day Detective Grayson was too stunned and concerned about the safety of the prisoners to really act. Seconds later, the towering behemoth came to a stop, remaining several feet away from the escaping prisoners. Planting himself and the butt of his axe on the ground, he spoke politely and simply in his ravaged tone. “I’m afraid I cannot let the fodder leave the Fathership, ” he boomed, “They are the lifeblood of our war effort and by the grace of Darkseid they shall not be taken from us. ” Just then, Clark lurched forward, moving between the civilians and deftly approaching the front of the hurried procession, standing by Dick’s side. “You kidnap, and pillage, and mutilate, all to build an army and pit them against their own planet? ” Superman exclaimed. “Why!? ” “Why waste the lives of our own people conquering such a worthless armpit of a planet? ” “You don’t believe that, ” Superman called back, “You’ve seen something in humanity, in Earth, and you want it for yourself. But you can’t have it. ” “I would say the same for you, Kal-El, ” the warrior grinned back, “The last son of Krypton deluding himself into believing he could possibly die a son of Earth. But no, I care less for this pile of rocks than you clearly realise. ” “You don’t know anything about me or my planet! ” Clark spat back defiantly, his chest aching. “Well then, let’s start over. I am Steppenwolf, of Darkseid’s Elite. And I have risen to lay waste to your planet and remake it in the image of Apokolips to send a message to Scott Free. ” “Scott? ” said Dick. “The self proclaimed Miracle is a coward. He refused to meet me in combat and - for that - the world he has come to love will be forfeit. ” Realising exactly how dire things were, Clark turned immediately to Dick Grayson and pressed the rectangular Motherbox into his chest, entrusting it to him. “Take this, find the others and get everyone out of here. You need to lead them to safety. ” “But we need you! ” Dick insisted. “I’ll be there, Red, ” Clark replied, “Now, go! ” Beat. “Okay. ” ⌁ ⌁ 💥 ⌁ ⌁ Guardian staggered to his feet, knees wobbling from fatigue, and glanced at the top of the beam of energy pouring down from the ceiling. “Looks like it’s all on me now. Fate of the world and all. ” As quick as he could manage, the hero moved towards the terminal Robin had been trying to hack. First, he checked on his friend who, despite barely being able to stand, had managed to hold his own in a fight against a group of Parademons. He was hurt badly, but there was nothing more he could do to help him. Second, he resumed Robin’s attempt at hacking the machine, but Guardian quickly realized just how true Robin’s previous comment of “this is complicated” was. An exasperated sigh escaped his lips as he tossed the hacking device to the side. “I t-told you…” Robin moaned, “You have to… to brute f-force it. ” Once more, Guardian looked to the source of the energy. Robin was right, there was only one thing left to do now: Smash. His stride full of a purpose it had previously lacked, Guardian prepared himself for the task at hand. He had no idea just what he was walking into… quite literally as a matter of fact, because his plan was to jump up the beam and destroy it that way, but he would not let that stop him. Gingerly, he reached into the thundering tower of light and quickly felt immense heat sear over his skin. Guardian gritted his teeth, willing away the pain as he decided to plunge right in. The pain that was once contained to his hand erupted all across his body, and the hero let out an agonizing scream. For several seconds, he anguished, paralysed. Pain was a funny thing like that. Slowly though, he began to push back, knees trembling as he took one step forward, then another, and another, and soon enough, Guardian had made his way to the center of the beam. He was in position, now there was only the small matter of getting to the top. ‘Okay, you can do this. ’ he chanted to himself in his head. Guardian fumbled around for a second to find the best position to leap from. ‘You can do this. ’ He felt the muscles tense in his legs just waiting to be released in a mighty burst of strength. He took a deep breath, then released that tension. Instantly, he shot upwards with a force so few beings could muster. As he approached the peak of his arc, the heat only grew more intense, and very quickly he began to panic as he realised he was being forced back down by gravity. With a loud thud, he smacked right against from where he leapt. Maybe he couldn’t do this. Battling against a sense of vertigo, blazing heat, and just plain fatigue, slowly, Guardian dragged himself to his feet, his breathing labored. One more time. He wiped the sweat that dripped from his brow. The energy beam was getting to be too much for him. If he didn’t destroy the machine soon, it would destroy him. With that thought in mind, Guardian took a deep breath, steadying himself. One last shot. With the last vestiges of his strength, he leapt once more into the air, which instantly shook with a sonic boom. As Guardian erupted upwards, a familiar heat burned once more against his face, accompanied by the same feeling of being pushed down. But this time, in his determination, Guardian felt that not even gravity could stop him now. The source of the beam inched ever closer to his flushed face, sparking the slightest glimmer of hope. Seemingly, the world has slowed down around him, seconds dragging on into an eternity. Nerves. Nerves that would not subside until he had either succeeded or failed. He waited for his answer. Finally, the tension was cut when he came to within an arm's reach of the beam. Realizing this was his moment, Guardian thrusted his arm forward, metal bursting open around his hand. A cry of joy escaped the hero’s lips as the beam fizzled out around him, though that feeling of elation quickly subsided once he again began to plummet down to the ground, and everything around him began to explode. Instead of just splatting against the ground as he had previously done, Guardian took care to roll with his momentum this time around. As he lumbered upright, he quickly ran to where Robin was and threw him over his shoulder, wasting no time in making use of his super speed to race to where Lobo and Maxima had went: What they believed to be the armory. The strange looking guns that the Parademons used lined up in racks against two of the four walls, the other two being reserved for what appeared to be the equivalent of bombs and artillery. In the center of the room, a large pile of the demons themselves laid, each and everyone broken and bloodied by the man who stood atop it: Lobo. The Czarnian was rather beaten up himself, his body marred with deep gashes and various things sticking out his back. The most grievous injury he sported had to be his missing hand, though not that he let it stop him from using the stump to punch back down one of the creatures in the pile that tried to struggle back up. In his other hand, he held his hooked chain, though not for long since he decided to break off the hook and shove it into his stump, effectively giving himself a hook-hand. Beside Lobo was Maxima, who had been grievously wounded during their several fights with the Parademons that had continued to stream into the room, and more than likely would have continued to if the ceiling had not begun to cave in. Quickly, Lobo moved to protect his fallen companion, knocking aside a piece of falling debris then positioning himself over her so he could catch a support beam tumbling down. While it he may have caught it effortlessly, it did put him in a rather interesting position due to how the beam had fallen: He couldn’t move. Because most of the beam was still attached to its proper place, he couldn’t merely toss it aside, and if tried to break off that section of the beam, the rest would surely come crashing down. To his luck, Guardian, with Robin slung over his shoulder, came charging into the room. “Lobo! We need to get out of here! ” “What the frag is happening?! ” he shouted. “The charges ain’t planted! ” “Long story short, I made a big laser explode and now it’s taking this place with it! ” “Ya fragging dumbass! ” “Come ‘on; we need to get going! ” “Can’t! ” Lobo motioned with his hook hand to Maxima. “If I let go, the roof will drop! ” A ball of flame burst through one of the walls, licking the finish on one of the bombs. Seeing this and realizing it was only a matter of time before those bombs would explode, Guardian raced over to the pile of bodies, climbed atop it, and threw Maxima over his other shoulder. Now with not one, but two on his shoulders, he made his way out the door, stopping at the threshold to look back at Lobo, who was eyeing him intently. “Are you leaving or what? ” shouted Guardian. Lobo dropped the beam then made a dead sprint for the door, the ceiling caving in behind him like it was some sort of action movie. “Just waitin’ fer ya to get out of here! ” Shards of metal nipped at the Czarian’s heels, egging him into moving faster than he already was. Just as the room completely collapsed, Lobo managed to escape, fleeing with Robin to where Steel was while dodging explosions along the way. As they came upon the location where Steel was supposed to have planted his charges, the distinct sound of human moans met their ears, causing Guardian to run faster than he already was. Steel had been sent to one of the rooms in the higher levels, the purpose of said room being unknown, but as the hero came to where his ally supposedly was, he found only a mass chunks of metal strewn with a sickly, alien blood piled up to block what was more than likely an archway of sorts. Setting Maxima and Robin against a wall, he climbed up the mound and peered over. He only found that the inside was in a similar state of disrepair. Suddenly, another explosion rocked the terraformer, this was one bigger than the last, that sent Guardian tumbling over into the inside of the room. “You alright, kid? ” shouted Lobo from the other side, having finally caught up. “I’m fine. ” groaned Guardian. “Lobo, you start clearing out the debris. I’ll look for Steel. ” With the terraformer still crashing down around them, the pair worked fast to accomplish their respective tasks. Following the sound of an ever weakening moan, Guardian ripped through scraps of metal desperately racing to find his fallen friend, ever aware that time was of the utmost importance in a situation such as this. Eventually, a glimmer of a metal unlike the rest caught his eye, causing the hero to paw at that area with wanton abandon. It had to be him. Who else could it be? As that glimmer slowly grew and grew, it became apparent that it was in fact Steel, or at least, what was left of him. While he was still alive, it was just barely. Alone against an army of Parademons, he had not fared well, his armor clearly having been clawed at and torn apart by the creatures claws. They didn’t stop at the armor, though; no, they had sunk into his flesh as well, leaving his body littered with deep, bloody gashes. It was a miracle he hadn’t bled out already. They must have looked worse than they actually were. Atop his chest, which was thankfully still covered in his armor, a support beam had fallen, crushing down on him with enough force to kill a man, which Guardian quickly sought to relive. With one arm, Guardian pulled the beam off Steel and cleared the remaining debris. Steel was still conscious, but his helmet had been broken, leaving him vulnerable to head trauma that he was clearly suffering from. A small groan escaped Guardian’s lips as he picked up Steel bridal style and carried him away to safety. Lobo picked up Maxima and Robin. Everyone was now accounted for, leaving only the small problem of actually escaping. Yet another explosion blasted through the terraformer, this time ripping itself across the space between Guardian and Lobo, causing them both to flinch as they braced themselves. Time was running out; they had already spent a minute of their time fetching their compatriots and if the pair had to guess, they had no more than fifteen seconds left. Fifteen seconds to escape an alien machine falling out of the sky. What could go wrong? Lobo brought his fingers to his lips and made a shrill whistling sound, his way of summoning his bike. Over the cacophony that filled the air though, one could only wonder if the signal would be heard. That question became all the more prevalent when Lobo commanded that they jump out through one of the many holes that had formed along the walls of the terraformer. “It’ll be fine! ” Lobo promised. “The main man has done this thing countless times. ” “I have a hard time believing that! ” shouted Guardian. Lobo shot him a devilish grin, then leapt out the terraformer. Guardian hurried to the edge himself, pushing out every rational thought that crossed his mind that screamed at him not to do this. It was ludicrous, but then again, some many things if his life were. Right now, all he needed to do was take a leap of faith. And so he did. Wind rushing past his face, Guardian gripped Steel as hard as he could manage, eyes squished shut. If this went wrong, he didn’t want to see it. Luckily, his faith was rewarded once he felt something come up underneath him, prompting the hero to open his eyes. It was Lobo, sporting that same grin he had given him not seconds before. Piled high on the SpazFragz666, the Metropolis gang rode off into the sunset. ⌁ ⌁ 💥 ⌁ ⌁ Canis Major's immense weight collided with the pitch wall with crunch, his plate armor clanging together as he bounced, deftly maneuvering to just about land on his feet. With a shake of his head to gather his wits, he dug into the ground before springing forward, bounding through the air, claws first, right for his opponent. Cassandra stood her ground in the seconds the beastman hurtled towards her. Her priority was ensuring the escape of the innocent civilians, who fled as fast as they could along the corridor behind her, aided by the lightning-quick Barry. It was in times like these that the former Wonder Girl wished she hadn't dumped her old regalia in the bay, certain her silvered bracers would have been perfect for deflecting Canis Major's savage attacks. But as Olympos, the masked fiend of Gateway City, all Cassandra could rely on were her instincts, a borrowed enchanted lariat, and her demigod physiology. She only had to pray it would be enough. So, as Canis Major inched closer and closer by the instant, his bladed mitts ready to tear her to shreds, she launched herself into the air, closing the gap rapidly to deliver a deft kick to the centre of the creature's breastplate. And while the impact sent the Apokoliptan reeling back, he had more than enough time to rake his claws across Cassandra's leg, tearing through denim and flesh in one. She was hit. She was vulnerable. But before she could hit the ground, her thigh already searing in anguish, crimson lightning enveloped her, and Cassandra found herself placed upright several paces along the corridor by Barry. Then, while Canis Major burst into a charge, unable to strike out at any of the prisoners lagging behind thanks to the Flash's intervention, the front of the fleeing civilians had other problems. Using advanced tech, or perhaps just magic, Mister Miracle danced up and along the winding walls of the expanding hall, frantically scrambling to protect the civilians from Canis Major's three fiendish hounds. As they pounced and clawed out at the defenseless people, Scott threw his hands forward, streaking volleys of golden force through the air to knock the beasts off course whenever needed. Even for an alien; an impossible man; a god, he was exhausted, but he had to keep fighting. He leapt from the leftmost wall, striking one hound in the skull with the flat of his boot before effortlessly landing back on the rightmost wall and continuing his sprint onto the ceiling. Barry struggled to keep his thoughts in check as he rushed to protect all he could. He felt as if he was moving so fast, so frantically, that he never stayed in the same place long enough to piece together what he was doing. It was as if he was acting entirely on instinct. He had already tried grabbing the hounds and dragging them as far away as he could, but they seemed supernaturally bound to their general, summoned back just out of view an instant later, every time. Cassandra was hit, and while he had pulled her out of harm's way immediately after, Barry couldn't help but feel responsible for her injury. As he ran, it was with absolute fear, knowing that - as fast as he was - anyone hurt, or killed, in the chase would be so on his watch. He wasn't ready for that guilt. The Flash cried out, narrowly dodging the animalistic swipe of Canis Major's claws as he plucked a slower civilian from the Apokoliptan's grasp. "Where's Superman!? " “Not here, ” Cassandra called back as she pushed through the pain emanating from her slashed leg and barreled back towards the pursuing Canis Major. They wouldn’t outrun him, she knew that, and if Superman wasn’t here they had to handle him themselves. Though as Cassandra and her opponent leapt towards each other once more, it became instantly clear that the brutish knight was done playing with his food. Instead of exchanging blows with the young woman, Canis Major simply beat her out of the way with his oversized fists, clearing a path for him to rapidly bound along the hall on all fours like the dog he was. Scott and Barry were already plenty occupied keeping the Apokoliptan animals busy to possibly keep Canis Major back, and in those moments, Cassandra too realised that the time for games was over. Canis Major was mere strides away from eviscerating one unfortunate escapee there and then when Cassandra lunged forward, propelling her golden lasso through the air. Then, as she did, Barry screeched into Flashtime. It was a state he could best describe as when he was moving so fast the world around him seemed to grind to a halt, or near enough. Sweat poured off of the fledgling hero, he was almost completely spent. Barry could feel his consciousness begin to wane with every moment spent at this speed, but he couldn’t ignore Cassandra’s attack. He watched the shimmering rope unfurl through the air at a crawl, cutting through the air towards Canis Major. He pushed himself, seeing how close the Apokoliptan was to killing one of the civilians. All he had to do was get them out of harm’s way. But as he moved through Flashtime with as little energy as he had remaining, it was like trying to push through butter that slowly thickened around him, slowing him more and more. Canis Major inched closer and closer to the helpless prisoner, but even more rapidly, Cassandra’s looped lasso neared its target. Then, as the rope ensnared Canis Major, pulled tight around his throat, it was clear what Cassandra’s plan was. Barry shook his head. Could he really just let another hero kill someone? Even an alien warlord. No, he rejected it completely. All life was sacred to him. But as his time in Flashtime was running short, he knew that trying to move the prisoner free would only allow Cassandra to exact her kill, and stopping Cassandra would only doom Canis Major’s prey to certain death. Though it broke him to do so, he had to admit to himself that he wasn’t fast enough. The world resumed around him, Barry tumbled forward, struggling to see straight, and with one heave of her magical lariat, Cassandra snapped Canis Major’s neck. And with their tamer dead, the spectral hounds seemed to fade from existence with a fiery whimper. As the dust settled, the prisoners - and Scott, Cassandra and Barry along with them - were safe. “You…” Barry panted. “You shouldn’t have done that…” He stood by Canis Major’s lifeless body as Scott slowly ushered the fleeing prisoners back to the group. “You didn’t have to do that. I could have saved him without--” “There wasn’t a choice, ” Cassandra stood firm. “We couldn’t be sure. One day you’ll understand. ” Silently, Barry thought to himself. He sure hoped he’d never understand how such an awful compromise could be seen as so reasonable. A second later, a familiar face came sprinting down the adjacent corridor. Dick Grayson, leading thirty-odd hurried prisoners. “Are you guys okay? ” “Where’s Superman? ” Scott interjected, straight to business. “We ran into trouble. Big guy called Steppenwolf, ” Dick relayed, a dour look on his face. “Superman stayed behind to buy us time to escape. ” Scott nodded warily. This wasn’t good news. “Right. Well, I’ve heard plenty about your planet’s Man of Steel, and after seeing him in action… all I can offer is that if anyone could go toe-to-toe with Steppenwolf, it’d be him. ” Cassandra pushed over to Dick, taking him by the arm. Dick couldn’t help but notice her limp, despite her best efforts to hide it. “Are you alright? ” “Yes, ” Dick held her at arm’s length and smiled. “I might not have a demigod healing factor, but I’ve got a few tricks. Miracle, I have your… Mother-thing. ” “Motherbox, ” Scott replied. “Give it here, I can use it to open a Boom Tube to take us all out of here. Then we can regroup with your allies and take the fight to Steppenwolf’s forces. ” Dick held the small, rectangular computer in his off-hand. It was like a circuit board found on Earth, but several times thicker, a deep scarlet colour much like Scott’s own outfit, with vibrant gold wiring that seemed to glimmer even in the light-eclipsing halls of the Fathership. Dick held it out to Scott before hesitating for a moment, inching it back slightly. “Is something the matter, Grayson? ” Scott asked. Dick took a deep breath. He had a hundred urgent questions to pose the impossible man, but he knew they had to wait til they were all safe. He looked Scott dead in the eye, sober and simple. “I give you this, you… ‘Boom Tube’ us to safety, and then you tell us all exactly what these ‘Apocalypse’ guys are doing here. ” Scott nodded. He was going to have to be honest eventually. He took the Motherbox in his gloved hands, and much unlike how Dick clung to it like a took, embraced it as a friend. He held it out at arm’s reach and prepared to use it. “Wait! ” Barry stopped him. The rest all turned to him. “We can’t just leave Superman. Even if he is… Superman. ” Beat. “Scott,, ” said Cassandra, acutely aware that yet another wolf knight could emerge from the shadows at any moment. “Get everyone off the ship, I’ll go find Superman. ” “No, ” Scott shook his head. He knew his responsibility. He pressed his finger against the flat edge of the Motherbox, and with a explosive clap of thunder - perhaps a boom - a glittering golden warp in space appeared ahead of him, a twisting, contorting tunnel to freedom. The wind roared through the portal, as a warmth returned to the corridor that the lot of them had long since forgotten to miss. Over the surging winds, Scott cried “You should all go. Get these people to safety and gather your allies. I’ll help your Superman and return him to you for the final fight. ” “What? No…” Barry replied limply. But Dick took charge. “Let’s go, ” Dick grabbed Barry by the shoulder and pushed him along. He looked back to the terrified prisoners, now seconds from freedom. “Follow my lead. ” And with a sprint, Dick vanished into the golden gateway. One by one, the escapees went after him, then Barry. Then, Cassandra stopped, turning back to Scott. “Miracle, ” she said. “Yes? ” he replied, tired but determined. “Good luck. ” See Superman take on the forces of Apokolips in Superman #9, Then, the story concludes in INCURSION #3!

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Bloodshot. I hope this is the beginning of the Valiant cinema universe. By far my favorite comic publisher. So excited to finally get a film. Shadowman next. Bloodshot release date. First Trailer : Dicaprio is going to love this film. Thats Sony for you. They do this with every trailer. Change vin Diesel voice. Bloodshot stronghold puzzle. Were there enough explosions? maybe they should add a few more. -Do you remember anything. Terminator 3 and John Wick 3.

Thanks for showing me the wholegoddamn movie. Now i don't have to pirate it

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A couple of years ago I was what you would call a bit of an edge lord. I was obsessed with disgusting and scary images, offensive humor and no right was more important to anyone than my free speech, which mostly meant throwing slurs at people over voice chat. I’m not sure if I can say I’m a better person now, or more mature, but thinking or acting the way I used to usually results in me running to throw up. I can barely witness anything gory or offensive without it instantly relating it to myself and getting flooded with unwanted images that escalate worse and worse. I’ve turned into the guy who PM’s you and thanks you for trigger warnings, saving me from getting violently ill at work. As you might guess I did not suddenly mature a lot in a couple of years, this is the effect of trauma, PTSD my therapist called it although he does not believe in the events that caused my PTSD. He has a theory that it was a nervous breakdown over years of desensitizing myself, coupled with false memories and other junk. Maybe that is what my insurance is paying him for, not to fix me, but to give me an alternative explanation that is a lot less disturbing than what happened that night. I used to work second shift customer service, heavily unsupervised, so after the first shift was completely gone we would regularly drink and do drugs to make it through the evening. We kept a group chat where we would post crazy stuff, making each other crack up in the middle of calls. Also we had this gamer girl we worked with who always shared video game memes and stuff like that, and one day she starts chatting about this thing called the Nope Game. She said it was like a video compilation of messed up stuff and the challenge is to see how long you can watch it without shutting it off or turning away. Well it sounded like something hilarious to do, but the more we looked into it we realized it is not like a video that is out there, it is a specific stream you need to know about as it is almost always streamed through different platforms with brand new accounts. So after hours of digging we found out that one was happening in a few days around midnight. That was perfect, normally we got out around 11 and hit up a diner to get drinks and breakfast food, so we were gonna do that instead. One guy was joking about watching ‘people dying’ videos to condition himself to win, another said it would be all cringe stuff or extreme fetish stuff. In hindsight we were so naive, acting tough and even salivating at the prospect of showing how crazy we were. The night of the transmission all 5 of us went to the gamer girls’ apartment, basically just a bedroom and living room with stained carpets and empty take out containers everywhere. Her computer was actually in her bedroom, so we all piled in there however we could… on her bed, sitting on the floor or just standing around. We had been drinking and smoking since we got off work but let me just say we were all still pretty level headed, like we had gotten perfect scores on calls while being a lot more messed up than that. The gamer girl set up a recording app so we could re-watch the nope game later, or maybe even do our own streams of it. We figured that is how these things spread, anything that goes online gets shared to death and people move on to the next thing once it gets boring. We were just early adopters of this nope game. At this point I realize I’ve been stalling a little, because I do not really want to write about it. Anyone who reads this will probably find it stupid, or silly, like somebody else’s nightmare. But that was a real nightmare we shared. There was an old time countdown reel and then the transmission started. It was just a teenage Asian girl in a hospital gown, sitting on a metal chair in some sort of clinical room that was white and spotless. Literally as soon as it started she said ‘One’ in perfect, unaccented English… making me think this was filmed somewhere here in the USA. ‘Two’. She said, and something squirmed in my stomach. ‘Three’ and the gamer girls arm twitched hard, startling all of us. It was like a spasm moved through us like a wave. Despite the booze or pills or weed, I did not feel numb at all. I felt tense, exposed and raw. Transfixed. 'Four' and I realized only 4 seconds have gone by but I wanted to leave, more than anything I wanted to leave. 'Five' she counted and her skin glitched. Not like she was a 3D model, instead it looked like flesh and bone spiked a little in random directions and returned to normal. One of the guys yelled 'Nope' and ran out of the room, although I felt trapped, not even my gaze could follow him. We did not taunt him for chickening out, we just sat there. I think somebody in the room was sobbing softly but I could not turn to see who it was. And nothing bad had started yet, it was just a vibe being pumped into the room through the monitor, like some sort of gas. It would not get really bad until she hit the first minute, by then her skin and bones regularly glitched and spiked and moved like an equalizer. I tried putting my hand between myself and the twisting chaos that was that monotone girl, but when I looked at the back of my hand the skin was rippling, like a wet surface that a drop of water had fallen into. I felt my joints grinding a little, as the girl counted 'Seventy Three' and started to slightly bend sideways in an unnatural way. She continued to do so through 'Seventy Four', 'Seventy Five' and 'Seventy Six'. She kept bending like some sort of snake, and I felt my joints start to strain and move in weird ways. I was not moving a single muscle but it felt like my bones were doing their own thing. Another customer service associate started to run, but he fell over. 'Eighty four' and he got up. 'Eighty five' and he fell again. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his flesh moving like waves, his limbs curbing in strange ways. It took a few tries but he was out of the room before she declared 'One Hundred'. It was no longer a challenge, it had stopped being one long ago. At this point I was trapped, watching the girl on the screen spiral into herself. The gamer girl was having spasms, making loud wet breathing noises beside me. I heard that the other guy was still behind me, knocking on the ground at a very fast rate, like he was vibrating. I guess there were three of us left in the room. I figured I would focus on him, and as she declared 'One Hundred and Twelve' I was slowly turning my head away from her hypnotizing gaze, which peered at me from from the core of a small slow whirlpool of flesh, bone and hair. She was like a liquid that pulsed with every number. 'One Hundred and Seventeen' and the flesh pulsed. 'One Hundred and Eighteen'. It was like a visualizer of dread, spiking and shifting with my terror. But little by little I turned my head away, past what felt natural. By the time she said 'One Hundred and Twenty Two' I was looking at the guy behind me, I do not know what was more horrifying, the fact that my neck must have been turning a full 180 degrees, or that he was pulsating and warping, glitching even more violently than the gamer girl. One of his fists was jack hammering at the floor, making a very rapid thudding sound, with blood starting to pool in that spot. At 'One Hundred and Thirty Six' I was granted a distraction. The people outside were screaming, yelling to us to get out but they dared not come in for us. I started to roll, to slither, in ways I'm not sure I can describe. I felt loose, rubbery, like I was melting. Like some sort of trip or nightmare except I had never felt more sober. By 'One Hundred and Forty Nine' I made it to the door. Somebody opened it and dragged me out, while screaming 'look at him, oh my god, oh my god! '. Once outside the room and with the door closed, I could feel the dread still thick in my head, but with the voice muffled it was starting to subside. It was being replaced by a sort of stiffness and excruciating pain, like I had fallen down two flights of stairs to get away from that computer monitor. The people in the room with me were counting, but it was something else... 'One... ' and they got into position. 'Two... ' and I realize they had pillows duct taped over their ears. 'Three! ' and they ran into the room, emerging several moments later with the gamer girl. She looked big, uncomfortably and painfully big and bloated for a second, and she started to deflate into what I normally associated with her scrawny emo self. There was a little blood on the corner of her mouth, but she was breathing. Her bloodshot eyes darted side to side and finally rested in the middle. I think she was experiencing the same euphoria I was, meaning the pain was excruciating but it was no longer spiraling out of control. They pulled the tape off and said 'she was the only one in there, we even checked the bathroom and the closet, he got out somehow'. When the transmission stopped and so did our nausea, we stumbled back into the room. The screen was black and bloody hand prints were covering the floor, walls and ceiling. But terrifyingly, or mercifully, there was no sign of the guy we left behind. We did check out the video we had recorded, but thankfully there was nothing there. It was just solid black, as though some spyware protected it from being duplicated. All we know is that it lasted exactly 11 minutes and 6 seconds before the transmission stopped, and it was a few minutes after that before we had worked up the nerve to enter the room looking for our missing friend and stop the recording app. After that we spent a week working together but never talking or seeing each other after work. Our customer service scores dropped and HR asked us what happened to our co-worker after his third no call no show, but we did not have any answers for HR. We did not have any answers for ourselves. A few weeks later we all got laid off when the second shift was eliminated and it became a regular 8 to 5 call center. I was not offered to move to another shift, I mean most evenings I would just stare at the ringing phone and ignore it so I see why they wanted to get rid of me. It was better that way, if I had been fired I would not been able to collect unemployment and seek help. I saw a therapist to help me cope, and a dermatologist to treat the stretch marks and scars on my limbs. I know one of the guys never got help, instead he got a shotgun and ended up in the newspaper after a gruesome murder-suicide involving a bunch of strangers. The other guy is actually OK, probably because he left the room first. I see him about town, but we never say hi. We lost track of the gamer girl, she got evicted and has not updated her Facebook since that night. And the person we left behind in that room, who watched the whole transmission, I do not think of him anymore. Like sometimes I start to picture him in my head, twisting and shaking and snarling, and I stop myself. If I think of him I'll just make myself sick so I try not to. Nope.

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Bloodshot imdb. A doctor with Bats, who is this? Corona Viruses. Bloodshot bill. Alright, so I decided to experiment with something since we got to the end of essentially the first arc of the story. Hopefully you guys find it interesting. I wanted to do a little extra world-building for the series but I wasn't gonna be able to post this to nosleep for obvious reasons. It is essentially a mini-part that will serve as a sneak peek at some new characters that will be joining the cast. Since the main parts of the series are going to be on nosleep, all of those are gonna be from Kevin's POV, which limits me. In a good way mind you, but I want to give a bigger picture of the world so I was thinking doing little supplements like this could be a neat way of doing that. All of the plot stuff in here will be covered in some capacity in the main parts, so think of these as optional reading. Also I decided to finally give the series an actual name. Blood Sisters. Kinda corny looking at it now, but I think it is to the point. You guys can tell me your opinion on this if you want to see more of these or not. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it. Supplement 1: Joshua “Keep it moving, punk. ” The inside of the warehouse was dark, most of the light given off by UV lights hanging from the ceiling or the flashing of strobe lights scattered around. The whole place was packed to the brim with people dancing to the intense electronic music blaring through the air. Most of the individuals were drugged out of their senses by a newly manufactured product called “Tiger’s Blood. ” The drug would cause the user’s senses to go haywire and cause their brain to interpret specific signals differently. They would lose any and all inhibitions, becoming little more than a basic animal. Pleasure could be heightened, and pain could be numbed or even made to feel satisfying. It would also create an addiction to the substance after one’s first time ingesting it. An addiction that was near impossible to break free of. Joshua was shoved forward by this tattooed gorilla of a man. Hesitantly he started walking through the warehouse. This place was a haven for all kinds of decadent behavior, a safe zone from the laws of society for those willing to partake in its forbidden fruit. Besides dancing to the music, some patrons were participating in other activities. People having sex, completely lost in a pleasure that melted their minds. Other’s willfully allowing themselves to be cut with knives, up their arms, legs, stomach. The cuts, no matter how deep, filled the victim with a feeling of overwhelming ecstasy. People would drink the blood, the effects of the drug turning the metallic taste into the sweetest nectar. Joshua saw someone toss out a handful of these red gel pills out to the crowd. The partygoers pounced over one another in an animalistic display to try and consume the pills. It was more than just that, they were willing to murder and beat each other bloody. One woman shoved a pill in her mouth only for a man to grab her and began choking her. Tightening his grip, the woman’s face started turning blue before a sickening crunch. The man dug the pill out of her mouth and consumed it himself, not even once glancing back at her body as he went back to dancing. One of the pills rolled in front of Joshua, and a man rushed over to try and pick it up before he could a girl with a nailed baseball smashed it into the back of his head. The nails embedded themselves into the man’s flesh. The girl pressed her foot to his back and yanked the bat out. Blood spurted out from the puncture wounds onto not only the girl but Joshua as well. The man fell over on to his side, still breathing. The girl slammed the bat into his skull again and left it in there while she popped the pill into her mouth. Looking up at Joshua, the girl’s lips curled into a sadistic smile. Joshua cried out in horror and stumbled backward into the tattooed man who pushed him forward. “Keep fucking walking! ” Joshua picked up his pace and made his way into a corridor at the back of the warehouse, eventually coming to a private lounge room. Inside there was this shirtless muscular man, sitting on either side of him were two young women. Both of the women were wearing no clothing. Something that disturbed Joshua was the fact that both of the women were missing an arm. One missing her left, the other her right. The two of them were leaning on the man’s arms as he was forming lines of cocaine on a coffee table with a combat knife. “Joshua, you’re back. Just the man I was waiting to see” The man leaned forward and snorted a line of coke, shaking his head. “I assume you have what I asked for? ” “Desmond…I…I got it. ” Joshua took out a digital camera from his pocket and placed it on the table. Desmond picked up the camera and turned it on. Looking through the gallery, he smirked. “Good…the information was correct. This isn’t a task I could just give to the cubs, you know. Ferocious little fucks, but not good for this stuff. ” “My sister…where is Amy? ” Joshua asked. The two one-armed women behind Desmond began to caress each other’s bodies, embracing each other to kiss. “Amy…oh Amy! Right, she’s just in the back there. Amy! Come out here, you’re brother’s here! Desmond called. A girl came walking out of a room at the back of the lounge, only dressed in her underwear. Her eyes were bloodshot, and the sclera tinted a light red. “You couldn’t…you fucking drugged her! What the fuck is wrong with you! ” Joshua shouted. Desmond shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Joshua hurried over to Amy and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Hey…it’s gonna be okay. We’re going to get out of here. ” Joshua said. “Sure she wants that bud? She’s a cub now, and I doubt she’d just want to up and leave the streak. ” Desmond said, tossing the knife back and forth between his hands. “You’re wrong! She’s coming with me! ” Joshua said, taking hold of Amy’s hand, as they walked away, Desmond spoke up. “Amy dear, I got a pill here with your name on it if you stick your bro here with my knife. ” Amy stopped walking abruptly, Joshua looked back at her. Dread forming in the pit of his stomach as she let go of his hand and walked over to Desmond. “Amy…what are you doing? ” Joshua muttered. Amy took the knife from Desmond and slowly approached Joshua. “Just stick it in him once and leave it. I still need him alive for a bit. ” Desmond smiled. “Amy” Amy immediately stabbed the knife into Joshua’s gut without a second of hesitation. The expression on her face emotionless. Joshua coughed up blood, causing it to run down his chin. He collapsed to the ground and let out an agonized shriek. “Don’t take it too hard, been leaving her in withdrawal for a little over a day. Bitch would probably gnaw her own hand off for a pill if I asked her too. Here you go, darling. ” Desmond pulled a pill from his pocket and tossed it to Amy, she eagerly swallowed it. “Why don’t yea join the other cubs, eh? Your brother has one last job for me. ” Amy walked past Joshua, who was writhing on the ground. She didn’t even glance down at him as she passed by, treating him like she didn’t know him at all. Desmond fished another pill from his pocket and shifted it in his hand. “This shit is truly something else. Ya give it to someone and they are just putty in your fucking hands. They will do anything, literally fucking anything, just to have another dose. Took a while to get the formula down, but fuck me if it wasn’t worth it. Speaking of, I’m gonna need another batch. Riley, Fife, how about we eat in tonight? ” Riley and Fife stopped making out and glanced over at Joshua, licking their lips. They both got up from the couch and walked over to Joshua, kneeling down next to him. Desmond flicked the pill towards Joshua, having it land just a couple inches from his face. “I’d take that if I were you. What’s about to happen is gonna be real bad for you if you don’t, these girls are savage little things. ” Joshua’s eye widened with terror as he watched the Riley and Fife’s skin peel away, falling from their bodies. White and black fur sprouted out from beneath their skin as their bodies reshaped. Their skulls contorting into that of a tiger. Riley bent forward and licked Joshua’s cheek, her tongue ripping away bits of his skin. Joshua reached for the pill with a trembling blood-covered hand. Placing it in his mouth, he dry-swallowed it and almost immediately was overtaken by this extraordinary euphoria. The pain in his gut melted away. The world around him tinted red, and he couldn’t help but feel relaxed. “Atta boy, take care not to be too rough with him girls. ” “Don’t worry, we’ll take” Fife pulled out the knife and lifted up Joshua’s shirt. Then she sank her claw into the wound on his stomach slowly. “…our time. ” Blood poured out from the injury, streaming down the concrete floor into a drain in the middle of the room. Joshua didn’t feel any pain. Instead, he couldn’t help but smile. It felt exhilarating…almost orgasmic as he felt Fife grab hold of his intestines and pull them out to begin feasting on them. “He smells so good~” Riley bent over and sniffed Joshua’s face, before biting down on his neck and ripping through his carotid artery. Desmond took another look at one of the images in the gallery of the digital camera. It was the image of Eri and Kevin sitting with each other while they were eating at a certain restaurant. “No way, I’m gonna let your family bullshit ruin what we have going on here. Thirty days to off ‘em…we got some time. ” Desmond took a glance over at Joshua whose body was being torn to shreds by the twin sisters. “Looks like I’m gonna need to find another photographer though. Easy enough…” Desmond placed the camera down and stood up to undress. “Save some for me now. ”.

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